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    Why Us?

    • We offer unlimited time with our patients
    • During our business hours there will always be someone available to see you
    • After hours contact, for children, with specialist optometrists
    • 6 months of contact lens consultations covered by one bulk fee paid when collecting your lenses
    • We will call you to follow up on the collection of your glasses or contact lenses
    • Our patients have access to online contact lens ordering through our website with free postage.


    • SnowVision meeting in New Zealand

      SnowVision meeting in New Zealand

      Recently I attended the biannual SnowVision conference in Queenstown where I was an invited speaker.  As always, it was an excellent meeting with about 100 delegates treated to lectures on topics including myopia control, orthokeratology, macular degeneration, dry eye and glaucoma.  There was both an early morning lecture session (first lecture at 6.30 am!) and a late afternoon session so that there was plenty time for recreational activities (i.e. skiing!) between talks.

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