Multifocal sunglasses

We are now approaching the warmer time of the year, and – as we all know –   overexposure to UV radiation can cause eye damage, such as swelling of the cornea and the conjunctiva (the ‘white’ of your eye), cataract development and other kinds of problems including pterygium (tissue growth which can encroach on your cornea) and skin cancer around the eyes.  The Cancer Council advises that sunglasses and a hat should both be worn to protect your eyes from potential damage and we strongly agree with this policy.


For our older patients (like myself) who require multifocal spectacles, there has been a tendency in the past to avoid multifocal correction when prescription sunglasses are required.  This was probably partly due to concerns about our patients being able to adapt to multifocal glasses and partly due to the mistaken notion that we don’t generally read or do near tasks when outside or wearing sunglasses.


We now know that both of these reasons for avoiding the use of multifocal sunglasses are totally without foundation.  The multifocal spectacle designs available today are fantastic such that nearly all patients these days can successfully wear multifocal glasses and the majority of sunglass frames can easily incorporate a multifocal correction.  As for the belief that we don’t read or perform near tasks when wearing sunglasses, this is just plain ridiculous given our dependency today on mobile phones, social media, etc.  Hence, we strongly encourage any patient who requires multifocal correction to also have a pair of multifocal sunglasses for outdoor use.  Our sunglass range has been specifically chosen to have a large range of frames which can incorporate a spectacle correction (including multifocal prescriptions), and they all adhere to Australia’s strict sunglass regulations for UV protection.