Our new optometrist – Andrew Huhtanen – commenced working at the practice (alongside Regina and myself) in early February.  Andrew is from Canada and he did his training there, graduating from the University of Waterloo (this is just out of Toronto) about 6 years ago.  He came over to Australia approximately 12 months ago and prior to joining our practice he was working up in Canberra.

Andrew has settled in really well and he has quickly joined Regina and I in providing the specialist contact lens care for which the practice is well known.  This includes seeing our beautiful babies, all our keratoconus and post-graft patients, as well as all our other patients presenting for ongoing contact lens management or general eye care.  Andrew has impressed every one so far with his caring manner and the way he communicates with our patients, and he is certainly a great addition to the practice.

As a result of having a third optometrist in the practice we now have more available appointments which is fantastic.  This means that those patients who require urgent care or an appointment at short notice can generally be seen within 24 hours by Andrew, Regina or myself.