Provision conference in Cairns

Last week my staff and I attended the the Provision National Conference in Cairns.  Over 400 optometrists from all around Australia were at the conference and the theme of the meeting was ‘relevance’.  The attendees were treated to a brilliant lecture program featuring a number of informative and quality speakers.  The optical industry was also well represented with a fantastic trade show on the Friday night and there was a gala dinner on the Saturday night where the dance floor was always packed to capacity.


The highlight of the conference was a wonderful address from Li Cunxin (Mao’s last dancer), who is now currently the Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet.  Li’s talk covered many areas, including his incredibly humble beginnings living in poverty in China, his training as a ballet dancer which was both physically and emotionally demanding, to his very tough decision to leave China and finally to his very emotional reunion with his family many years later when they came to see him perform in the USA.  It was an amazing presentation which I have no doubt would have inspired all the optometrists and practice staff in the audience.


There were also great talks from Michael McQueen, Peter Schmideg, Georgia Murch and Adam Ferrier.    In particular, Michael McQueen spoke in depth about how to remain relevant to your patients. He looked at companies that haven’t survived by not embracing change and remaining relevant in a ever-growing industry. This could be through staff training, practice equipment and optical products. Providing the best options means you provide the best care. This was a brilliant and inspiring talk that definitely had us all asking questions of ourselves.


Overall, a very successful and enjoyable conference.