Recent trip to Las Vegas

I recently attended the Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) which is held every year in Las Vegas.  This is one of the biggest contact lens conferences in the world and – as the name implies – there is an emphasis throughout the meeting on the contact lens management of conditions such as keratoconus, post-graft, high myopia, astigmatism and paediatric aphakia.  This year there were over 1000 contact lens specialists from all around the world travel in attendance.


One of the highlights of the GSLS was a contact lens museum that was set up in the trade exhibit area. This was an amazing display that included such things as contact lens manufacturing equipment and fitting sets that were over 50 years old.  A lot of the equipment was donated by my friend and colleague Don Ezekiel.  Don, who retired a few years ago, was one of the world’s leading contact lens practitioners for over five decades. In addition, he set up and ran Gelflex Laboratories in Perth for many years and this is still one of the major contact lens laboratories in Australia.  Pat Caroline, who is on the organizing committee for the meeting was responsible for arranging for all of Don’s old equipment and lenses to be shipped from Perth to the US (it only took six months!) and then Pat drove down from his home town of Portland to Las Vegas - I am guessing in a very large truck - with all the equipment.


Also during the meeting Awards of Excellence were presented to four outstanding clinicians/academics – Dr Thomas Aller, Prof Earl Smith, Dr Pauline Cho and Dr Jeffrey Walline – who were recognized for their great work in the area of myopia control.  These four people were honoured by the Awards Committee of the GSLS for the outstanding contributions they had made in helping clinicians to understand the mechanisms of myopia control and how to employ contact lenses and pharmaceuticals to manage the progression of myopia.