Say hello to Utah

We have recently signed up to sponsor a Seeing Eye Dog with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. Our sponsor puppy is a 6 month old Black Labrador named UTAH. Our monthly donation goes towards her training, her food, vet visits and all costs involved in her training to become a Seeing Eye Dog.  Utah currently resides with her puppy caring family in Ocean Grove and we receive regular letters and updates on her training, her socialisation with other people, with other dogs and how she copes in different environments as well as areas of improvement. From our contact so far, she is doing an amazing job and we feel so lucky to be involved with her so that she can one day change somebody's life.


We have a number of patients who require the assistance of a Seeing Eye Dog.  These patients generally only have a very small amount of vision which we can sometimes improve slightly by means of refractive correction (i.e. spectacles or contact lenses).  While they are not totally blind, their vision loss is so pronounced that they require the support of a Seeing Eye Dog to assist with their orientation and mobility.  Note that the vision loss does not have to involve the central vision.  Significant visual impairment can also result from marked visual field loss, as often occurs in ocular conditions such as retinitis pigmentosa and glaucoma.  In these situations, patients effectively end up with ‘tunnel vision’ which is very disabling.  To illustrate how severe this can be, imagine looking at a person’s nose and not being able to see their mouth or eyes.


Currently over 300,000 Australian’s are living with vision loss - we are in urgent need for training and facilities to provide a life-changing difference to someone with who is blind or has low vision.  If you would like to sponsor a puppy - please go to:…/sponsor-a-puppy. You can choose the amount you would like to regularly donate and there is no contract or obligation to sign up for a specific length of time. If you would like more information about our donation - please contact us on Facebook or at Go on - make a difference!!!!!