Jillian lecturing to optometry students at the University of Melbourne

My colleague Jillian Campbell is now recognised as one of the leading contact lens practitioners in Australia.  Jillian successfully manages all our challenging contact lens patients, including the aphakic babies, post-surgical cases, patients with keratoconus and those who require contact lens fitting because of ocular trauma.  Jillian also has great proficiency when it comes to all the different contact lens modalities such as rigid corneal lenses, rigid scleral lenses, custom and disposable soft lenses, prosthetic and therapeutic lenses, and hybrid lenses.


In recognition of her expertise in the field of contact lenses, Jillian has been invited by the University of Melbourne to present a number of lectures this year to the optometry students.  Jillian will be giving lectures on topics including contact lens management of paediatric aphakic, contact lens after-care and problem solving, degenerations and other abnormalities of the conjunctiva, and diagnosis and treatment of corneal inflammation and ocular surface disease.


Preparing and presenting lectures to the students involves quite a time commitment for Jillian – although it is something she does quite happily – as Jillian appreciates that in her undergraduate years in the optometry course at the Queensland University of Technology she in turn received a wonderful grounding in contact lens practice from a number of very good contact lens practitioners.  Jillian is both an entertaining and stimulating lecturer, and the fact that she is now passing on her extensive contact lens knowledge to the optometry students means that future optometrists are more likely to graduate with the skills and knowledge required to successfully manage all those challenging contact lens patients in clinical practice.