Congenital Cataracts

A significant portion of our custom contact lens patients are children born with cataracts. A cataract is the clouding or opacification of the lens inside the eye. Cataracts in adults form much later in life, and are most often quite slow in progressing. Congenital cataracts are fully opaque at birth and the only option for treatment is a surgery to remove the clouded lens. As an artificial lens implant is not an option for babies, custom designed rigid contact lenses are the best (often only) way to ensure that the child's vision develops. In some cases, a lens implant is a possibility at late teen/adult stage, but often contact lens wear is a long-term option for these patients.

We take special pride in our management of children in contacts, ensuring that we have as much appointment time as required,unlimited follow up visits, after hours contact by phone, and we hold an annual event so that our contact lens families can get to know one another.

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