Our Optometry Services

Our Optometry Services


Providing Comprehensive Eyecare

Richard Lindsay and Associates was established in February of 1998 with the purpose of providing expert and leading edge contact lens care for patients who require custom contact lenses. We are proud to continue to provide specialist contact lens care for a wide variety of patients – from newborns to octogenarians – as well as providing the same level of care for our spectacle and general optical patients.


Custom Contact Lens Solutions

We routinely fit all types of contact lenses, from specially designed rigid lenses to custom iris print lenses to soft disposable lenses. We are constantly amazed at the amount of patients we see who have been told that they can’t wear contact lenses due to astigmatism, high (thick) spectacle, age, or any number of other reasons that we don’t believe should preclude anyone from wearing lenses.


Highly Qualified Staff

Our optometrists are all therapeutically endorsed, highly trained experts. Our staff all receive extensive training, and are all happy to spend as much time as is necessary to get you happily wearing your lenses.

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  • Comprehensive Eyecare
    Comprehensive Eyecare
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    Children's Vision
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    Myopia Control
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    Advanced Imaging
  • Proudly Independent & Industry Leaders
    Proudly Independent & Industry Leaders
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    Corneal & Keratoconus Care