Our new practice location

In October – after being in East Melbourne for 23 years – we relocated our practice from East Melbourne to Balwyn North.  Late last year we got a tap on the shoulders from the owners of the building in East Melbourne telling us we had to the vacate the premises within 12 months as the building was being knocked down so that they could build new apartments on the present site.


I will look back very fondly on the time I spent in East Melbourne.  Setting up in that location was an important factor in growing the practice given the proximity to the hospitals and the other specialists in that area.  Being able to look out over the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens every day for all those years is a memory I will always cherish and something I will certainly miss in the future.


However, the time was right for the move.  The building in East Melbourne was starting to age and we were in desperate need of more space.  In addition, parking in East Melbourne had become a nightmare over the past few years.  Our patients generally had to spend 15 to 20 minutes looking for a car park and, when they finally found one (which would usually cost over $10), they then often had about a 15 to 20 minute walk from their remote car park to the practice.


I love the new rooms in Balwyn North. It is an absolute joy being able to watch our patients being able to drive into the practice car park and walk straight into the practice.  Parking at the practice also does not set them back financially.  Also, we have a car park plus an entrance ramp for our disabled and elderly patients.  We had neither of those in East Melbourne, which at times made life very difficult for that group of patients – especially when the lifts were not functioning properly.


The new rooms are also very expansive, even though the actual size of the practice is only about ten square metres larger than what we had in East Melbourne.  The Balwyn North rooms were previously occupied by a very good ophthalmologist in David Workman.  David and his wife Rosemary did a wonderful job in designing the consulting and testing rooms, as well as the reception and waiting area, such that the practice is extremely open and spacious.  Prior to moving into the new rooms, my practice manager Carly arranged for some nice alterations and lovely finishing touches with the end result being something of which we are very proud to call our new home.


We look forward to welcoming you to our new Balwyn North rooms in the very near future.