Incorporation of a spectacle Rx into Ray-Bans Stories smart glasses for use in surgery

Recently one of our patients (HW), who is a plastic surgeon, brought some Ray-Bans Stories smart glasses into our practice.  HW had purchased these glasses on a recent trip to the USA and he wanted his single vision near spectacle prescription to be incorporated into these glasses so he could use them when performing surgery.  The Ray-Bans Stories smart glasses are the result of a collaboration between Meta and Luxottica (the parent company of Ray-Ban).

HW’s near prescription was duly incorporated into the smart glasses (see enclosed photo) and they have been a great success.  The reading addition in the glasses was +2.25 D which provided HW with a comfortable working distance range between 35 and 50 cm. 


The Ray-Bans Stories have two cameras which support the capture of both still images and video.  They also have a speaker for each side of the head and a three-microphone array.  They are also very light for a pair of smart glasses, weighing less than 49 grams.


HW is very happy with the Ray-Bans Stories smart glasses and they have been extremely helpful to him when performing surgery.  The main issue HW had with the Ray-Bans Stories was the low-light performance of both the photos and the video and this was managed by placing a light onto the frame above the nose bridge (as shown in the photo).  The voice activation to take photos and videos works well and the video resolution is more than adequate when using them in surgery.  The photos and videos automatically download to his phone by Bluetooth.

- Jillian