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    Why Us?

    • We offer unlimited time with our patients
    • During our business hours there will always be someone available to see you
    • After hours contact, for children, with specialist optometrists
    • 6 months of contact lens consultations covered by one bulk fee paid when collecting your lenses
    • We will call you to follow up on the collection of your glasses or contact lenses
    • Our patients have access to online contact lens ordering through our website with free postage.


    • ‘Zoom fatigue’ and digital eye strain

      ‘Zoom fatigue’ and digital eye strain

      Digital eye strain has been an emerging public health concern over the last 10 years with studies showing that over 85% of digital device users experience either ocular or non-ocular symptoms of digital eye strain.  This condition is characterized by visual disturbance and/or ocular discomfort related to the use of digital devices such as smartphones, iPads, computers and laptops.  Ocular symptoms of digital eye strain include tearing, tired eyes, blurred vision, general fatigue, burning sensation, redness and double vision.  Non-ocular symptoms include stiff neck, general fatigue, headache and backache.

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