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    Why Us?

    • We offer unlimited time with our patients
    • During our business hours there will always be someone available to see you
    • After hours contact, for children, with specialist optometrists
    • 6 months of contact lens consultations covered by one bulk fee paid when collecting your lenses
    • We will call you to follow up on the collection of your glasses or contact lenses
    • Our patients have access to online contact lens ordering through our website with free postage.


    • My wonderful staff

      My wonderful staff

      A few years ago in another blog, I stated that I was very lucky to have such wonderful staff working at my practice.  As I previously stated, my staff are involved in all aspects of patient care, including inserting and removing contact lenses and teaching patients how to do the same, spectacle frame and lens selection for dispensing of glasses, and performing tests on patients such as digital retinal imaging, optical coherence tomography, corneal topography and visual fields. 

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