Annual Cornea Society and Eye Bank Meeting

My colleague Andew Huhtanen and I recently attended the 33rd Annual Cornea Society and Eye Bank Meeting which was held here in Melbourne.  Once again, the top corneal specialists from here and New Zealand were in attendance.


There were many excellent presentations. Local corneal specialist Elsie Chan gave a wonderful update on the corneal collagen cross linking treatment for keratoconus.  My friend Jim Kokkinakis, who is one of Sydney's leading contact lens specialists, enlightened the delegates as to the benefits of mini-scleral and scleral lenses for the contact lens management of keratoconus and other unusual corneal conditions.


The Doug Coster lecture was given by Prof Kerryn Williams and - among other things - she told a great story of how the Australian Corneal Graft Registry (ACGR) had been started in the 1980s, and how it had evolved under the leadership of Doug Coster and through the fantastic support from her staff. The only thing she forgot to mention - or perhaps modesty prevented her from doing so - was that without her incredible efforts, there simply would not have been an ACGR over the last 30 years.