I have just been to the Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) in Las Vegas.  The GSLS is one of the biggest annual contact lens meetings and this year there were over 800 attendees from all around the world.


There were many interesting presentations at the conference. Myopia control continues to be a hot topic and there were a number of lectures from leaders in this field, including practitioners who had been successfully managing patients (i.e retarding the progression of myopia) by means of orthokeratology or soft multifocal contact lenses for over 10 years. 


I also spent some time with the team from SynergEyes. They continue to do great work. The latest thing they are trialling is putting fenestrations (very small holes) in the soft skirt of the hybrid lenses to loosen the fit of these lenses on the eye. The initial results with this innovation are very encouraging.


I also spent an evening with Paul Rose, the creative genius behind the Rose K lenses. Unfortunately we were not able to talk very much about his great lenses as the noise from the brilliant Elton John concert was just too loud.