ICCLC Conference in Noosa

On the weekend of the October 10 we (Andrew & Jillian) left Richard behind to hold the fort whilst we attended the 17th International Cornea and Contact Lens Congress in Noosa, Queensland.  The ICCLC conference brought together many eye care practitioners from all over Australia, as well as international visitors and lecturers from USA, New Zealand, and the South Pacific region.  These are the best minds in the fields of contact lenses and corneal disease!


One highlight of the weekend was attending presentations by the International Keynote Speakers Drs Christine Sindt and Tom Arnold both of whom Jillian met earlier in the year at GSLS conference in Vegas! Christine and Tom reflected on their extensive experiences using scleral contact lenses in their busy optometry practices in America (Iowa and Texas). Another highlight was an event hosted by SynergEyes, the manufacturer of hybrid contact lenses based in San Diego, USA, which gave us the chance to catch up with other hybrid contact lens fitters in Australia, including Mark Hinds who is part of the company’s professional service team for Australia and New Zealand. 


We presented an academic poster investigating a possible link between contact lens wear and ocular complications in people with advanced corneal disease, and attended lectures and workshops focusing on ground-breaking technology, clinical techniques and research in the areas of dry eye, orthokeratology and corneal ectasia clinical management.  


Dry Eye is a common, and often treatable, condition where the tears do not provide sufficient lubrication to the eyes.  Much research is being conducted to investigate new and novel treatment options for people suffering with Dry Eye, and we were able to learn about these treatments and even tried some of the latest technology on ourselves!


Myopia is a common refractive condition with it predicted that 50% of the population will be short-sighted by 2050.  There was much discussion about Myopia Control in children and teenagers using treatments such as Atropine eye drops, Orthokeratology and multifocal soft contact lenses to slow the growth of the eyeball and to prevent myopia from progressing in this population.  


It was a great balance of education and advanced learning with a lot of fun and sunshine (despite the storms).  There was a 1960’s themed Gala dinner, fancy dress costumes, wigs, moustaches and even a surf board competition – indoors!