Jillian Campbell a speaker at recent Cairns conference

My associate Jillian Campbell was an invited speaker at North Queensland Vision (NQV) in Cairns late last month.  The conference was organized by Optometry Queensland/Northern Territory and there were about 100 optometrists in attendance.  The two day meeting featured a strong clinical program including two outstanding presentations from Jillian.


Jillian’s first lecture was on paediatric contact lens fitting, with the main emphasis being on fitting babies who have had surgical removal of congenital cataracts.  Working in our practice Jillian has obtained considerable expertise in this area, such that she and my other associate Andrew Huhtanen now manage the majority of the infants who are referred to our practice for ongoing contact lens management.


Management of corneal grafts in optometric practice was the topic of Jillian’s second lecture.  In our practice we see many patients who have undergone corneal transplant surgery and in her presentation Jillian discussed the major indications for corneal transplantation and the different types of corneal graft surgery that were now available.  A key aspect of Jillian’s lecture was when she outlined to the audience the major clinical differences between corneal graft rejection and corneal graft failure.