My wonderful staff

A few years ago in another blog, I stated that I was very lucky to have such wonderful staff working at my practice.  As I previously stated, my staff are involved in all aspects of patient care, including inserting and removing contact lenses and teaching patients how to do the same, spectacle frame and lens selection for dispensing of glasses, and performing tests on patients such as digital retinal imaging, optical coherence tomography, corneal topography and visual fields.  They have a friendly manner and even when things get very busy and hectic at the front desk, my staff are able to greet patients with a smile while also ensuring that appropriate professional care is provided.  The positive feedback I consistently receive from patients about them certainly reinforces the very high opinion I already have of them.


As for everyone else, this year has been a tough one due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however my staff have taken their performance to an even higher level.  I have been so proud of the way they have responded to these difficult times with all the required changes in the practice.  They have fully embraced all the social distancing and hygiene measures (e.g. screening patients, handwashing with sanitisers,  wearing face masks, disinfection of equipment and rooms) we have had to adopt so that we could minimize the risk of infection and continue seeing patients.  Over the last six months staff have had to experience a reduction in their working hours due to the practice having to operate under Stage 2, 3 and 4 restrictions.  We even had a two month period where the staff were split into two teams working alternate weeks so to further minimize the risk of infecting fellow staff and our patients.  At all times the staff have understood and fully accepted the need for these adjustments to the operation of the practice while still maintaining their usual high standard of performance and patient care.


While it has been a challenging year for the practice, things have been made easier by having such fantastic staff.  Needless to say, working with them is an absolute pleasure and joy.