Our specialist colleagues

A little while back, one of our corneal transplant patients unfortunately suffered a rupture to their corneal graft due to an accidental poke in the eye from his two year old boy.  Naturally this occurred on a Sunday night.  Our patient was immediately taken to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH) where the ophthalmologist on duty advised him that the corneal graft would need to be resutured.  As a courtesy, the ophthalmologist rang the corneal specialist who had performed the original corneal transplant to let him know what was going on.  The corneal specialist on hearing what had happened to his patient promptly rushed straight into the RVEEH and did the resuturing himself.


We are privileged to work with many great ophthalmologists who cover sub-specialties such as retina, glaucoma, paediatrics, uveitis and cataracts.  Given the nature of our practice, we especially have a very close working relationship with a number of corneal specialists and we are fortunate in Melbourne to have corneal specialists who are good as any in the world.  The example above is typical of the dedication and patient care provided by these specialists who – without fail – will often see emergency patients at short notice due to such presenting problems as retinal detachment, corneal graft rejection, acute glaucoma and traumatic eye injury.


We really are lucky to have such great support from our specialists!