SnowVision meeting in New Zealand

Recently I attended the biannual SnowVision conference in Queenstown where I was an invited speaker.  As always, it was an excellent meeting with about 100 delegates treated to lectures on topics including myopia control, orthokeratology, macular degeneration, dry eye and glaucoma.  There was both an early morning lecture session (first lecture at 6.30 am!) and a late afternoon session so that there was plenty time for recreational activities (i.e. skiing!) between talks.


The keynote speaker at the conference was Dr Jerry Legerton.  Jerry is an amazing man.  He initially practiced for 25 years as an optometrist in San Diego. For the last 25 years he has worked in product development, where he has an outstanding track record.  Among other things, Jerry was the inventor of the SynergEyes (hybrid) lenses and the Paragon CRT (orthokeratology) lenses, both of which we fit and prescribe extensively in our practice.  His current projects include contact lenses with biosensors for monitoring of conditions such as diabetes, drug delivery to the eye using contact lenses and contact lenses that will allow you to see underwater - without goggles or a diving mask!


On the final day of the SnowVision conference, Richard conducted a two hour workshop on keratoconic and post-graft contact lens fitting with good friend and contact lens guru Paul Rose.  For the workshop, Paul gave a short presentation on the contact lens management of keratoconus and then Richard gave a lecture on post-graft fitting. This was followed by actual fittings on keratoconic and post-graft patients (from the practice of local Queenstown optometrist Danielle Ross) that allowed Paul and Richard to demonstrate important fitting principles to the delegates.