The right staff

I am a big fan of Sir Richard Branson.  One of his well-known quotes is “you can’t do a good business with a bad person.  Find the right people to work with and you can’t go wrong.”  I love this quote and it is certainly one of my favourites.  I also like the way Branson treats his employees.  He does not subscribe to the theory that ‘the customer is always right’.  Rather, when he has to deal with a complaint from a customer he will listen to both sides of the story (from the customer and the employee) and then take action which he deems to be fair and appropriate (and not just that which will keep the customer happy).  In this regard, he states “by putting the employee first, the customer effectively comes first by default”.


I am very lucky to have great staff working at my practice.  We see many challenging patients and my staff are involved in all aspects of their care, including inserting and removing contact lenses and teaching patients how to do the same, spectacle frame and lens selection for dispensing of glasses, and performing tests on patients such as digital retinal imaging, optical coherence tomography, corneal topography and visual fields.  At all times, they treat people with respect, care and empathy.  They have a friendly manner and even when things get very busy and hectic at the front desk, my staff are able to greet patients with a smile while also ensuring that appropriate professional care is provided.


My staff will also often go to great lengths to ensure our patients needs are met.  One time my practice manager interrupted her holiday in Bali to deliver contact lenses to a patient of ours who lived over there.  Another time, one of our reception staff drove a 3 hour return trip late on a Friday afternoon to deliver contact lenses to one of our aphakic infants so that the baby would be able to see over the weekend.  There have also been many times when staff have stayed back late when we have had to provide urgent care to a patient from interstate or overseas at short notice.  As Sir Richard says, “find the right people …