What can I do if my spectacles keep fogging up whenever I wear my face mask?

The State Government recently introduced the mandatory requirement in Victoria that all people now need to wear face masks when outside and in public.  While the measure is absolutely necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19, one of the downsides is that many spectacle wearers now have to deal with the annoying issue of their glasses fogging up whenever they are wearing their face mask.  However, there are a few tricks one can try to help prevent this problem.


First, if possible, it is helpful if the face mask is placed behind – and not in front of – the spectacles.  To help in this regard, a piece of sticky or surgical tape can be used to adhere the face mask to the nose so it then sits under the glasses.  Secondly, try placing a tissue between the mask and your nose.  This can be done by folding the tissue over the face mask at the central part which sits on the nose.  By doing this you create a bit of an ‘air reservoir’ so the hot air you exhale does not rise and cause fogging of the spectacles.  Thirdly, make up a 50/50 mixture of shampoo (or hand wash) and water in a spray bottle.  Spray this mixture on the glasses, then rinse the glasses with water and leave to air dry.  Alternatively, you can place a dab of dishwashing liquid on a spectacle (microfibre) cleaning cloth and use this to clean your glasses.


The other obvious way to deal with this problem of spectacles fogging up while wearing a face mask is to wear contact lenses instead of spectacles.  Given that we are in Stage 3 lockdown, now is probably not the best time to be fitted with contact lenses for the first time.  However, there are people out there who have previously worn contact lenses (including many who in the past have happily worn soft disposable contact lenses on an intermittent basis) and would be happy to resume doing so to help manage this problem.  For any of our patients who are ‘lapsed’ wearers of disposable contact lenses, please feel free to give us a call as we would be happy to discuss ways of getting you back into contact lens wear during this difficult time to try and make your life a bit easier.


We also have ordered some Anti-fog gel for the practice. The gel requires one small drop on each lens at the beginning of the day and then should remain fog-free for most of the day. Please see us if you require any of this.